Welcome to IKO Kyokushinkaikan Indonesia

“If you have a noble vision and mission
Don’t fear of failure
Not the result that will be evaluated
But from your effort to get it.”


With praise thanks to God YME, finally the plan website maker of IKO Kyokushinkaikan Indonesia can be done well as we hope. From the beginning I realize that plan is bridge to a dream, if not making any plan its mean not having a foundation step to the dream hankered after.

A dream its really need to maintain a zest of life and progress, but a dream without espoused its only like an empty bottle. An application or action that make someone become successful person. And a birth of this website it’s a one of our application for the success world.

Expressly I am begin this welcome statement with self-motivated words in the top. The purpose nothing else than the statement can be an ethics or spirit for our organization’s struggle in steps forwards. Come together we contemplate and inspire deeply, that forming of this institution not in order to rivalry or rival another institution of Kyokunshin that already founded before. The existence of this institution are for bear a noble mission, which is to build the highest truth, according to the noble meaning from Kyokushin itself

Who choose mannered behavior, healthy feeling, and noble spirit, then he will made himself and other people happy and will get a calm heart and cool soul.